Thank you!

A special thank you to everyone who joined us on our 0th wedding anniversary! For those of you who'd like to creep our pictures we've created a community photo gallery here. If you'd like to contribute your pictures, just let Seth know and he'll get you info to upload your pictures to the gallery.


When is was this awesome event?

Friday, October 14th 2016 @ 6:00 PM

The reception will be at the same venue immediately following the ceremony, how convenient!

Where's it happening?

Palm Door
508 E 6 St, Austin, TX 78701

Palm Door is on 6th street (heck yeah, that 6th street) a few blocks west of I-35. If you're not staying downtown you should definitely park at one of the Convention Center garages. You can find info about parking here.

What's the food situation?

Unfortunately we spent all of our money on the life-sized Lou Ferrigno ice sculpture, so there will not be a formal sit-down meal. We will, however, provide small bites to keep Seth et al. appeased.

Where do we stay?

Prolly at the Hilton, Residence Inn or Westin.

And just a heads up: Front Steps (the homeless shelter) is two blocks north of the venue, and it's not the best place on earth to walk through (especially if you're all dressed up for a wedding), so try not to park or stay due north of 6th street.

What should gals wear?

wedding dress Adriana would be furious
ball gown nope
nice dress totally
suit as long as it's classy
skirt sure!
jeans and t-shirt yeah, no
shorts and flip-flops omg, no

What should guys wear?

tuxedo nope!
three-piece suit probably not
coat and tie a touch too formal, but ok
dress shirt, dress pants, tie totally fine
dress shirt, dress pants, no tie totally fine
polo and slacks totally fine
jeans and t-shirt negative
shorts and flip-flops nopers

Is there a Registry?

Seriously!? Do you really think that we're the materialistic types who succumb to social stereotypes and follow meaningless tradition just for the sake of acquiring more possessions? Fantastic! We're registered at